We Share Our Good Fortune With Others

About Us

We all know all social media sites make a lot of money. But how much money they give back to the people who HELPED them to become So RICH ?

If you can think of a challenge, then we want you to get your friends to participate in your challenge. We either help you to find a sponsor or you can do your own part to find sponsors for your challenge.

Funds are placed in IPAYIF Escrow account. Once the challenge is completed and the winners are choosen by the people, then we at IPAYIF release the funds to the winners and you the challenge originator.

The challenge originator can receive up to 20% of the sponsor's money. The rest will pay out to the winners and to IPAYIF.

IPAYIF will charge a 3% transaction Fee plus $100 Flat fee Plus All bank wiring Fees, per challenge.

You can dream it, Get businesses to sponsor your challenge and make money.

Good Luck